Welcome to Whitemud Mechanical LTD.

Whitemud Mechanical Ltd. is a complete mechanical contractor based out of Edmonton Alberta. We have been serving the needs of northern Alberta for over 30 years. From our humbled beginings, we have grown to over 30 employees and 15 vehicles. We now have a HVAC divsion and continue to grow our opperations to serve our clients better.

We Specialize in :
Low flow appliances


Backflow Prevention (BFP)

Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV)

Ground Source Heating (GSH)

Geothermal Energy

Drainage Heat Recovery Systems

Water Filters

Reverse Osmosis

Infrared leak dectection

Water Softeners


Boiler Installation

Radiant Heating

Snow Melting Systems

Pump Installations

Pipe Freezing (Cryogenics)

HVAC Equipment

Commercial/Industrial Exhaust Systems (including kitchen, garage, dust collection, etc.)

Ductwork Fabrication and Installation